Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hooray for me for my first blog post after my hell sem. Yes guys, I'm still alive (but I'm barely breathing, HAHA LOLJK). I'm really sorry for the hiatus. I've been preoccupied for the whole semester and Christmas break because of my execom duties, academic stuff, training, org works and family and friend bondings. But my anon reader(s) who never get tired to constantly ask for updates is making me kilig so this one is for you!

If there's one thing in common with my new years resolution every year, it is to avoid shopping. Unfortunately I just couldn't resist it. Shopping for clothes and shoes and bags have always been my stress reliever in my chaotic academic life. Not to mention my previous semester, if I just have the luxury of time, I think I could've bought an entire store to relieve all my stress, gaaaah!! I can't even start to rant all about it because this post may never end. Haha, jk. But I was serious though, it was my first time to experience that kind of 'stress' because of my acads. I was so close to losing hope but thank God for giving me strength to stand through it all. But anyway, as I was saying retail therapy always works for me. 

If I can't totally avoid shopping, I just promised myself to be the smartest shopper I could be. Here's a few tips that I keep in mind, which might be a help to you too, during shopping:

1. Always know the essentials. When shopping, always know what type of clothes you need. Needs before wants, ladies (and gents)! I'm currently a student who goes to a university without uniforms so I get to wear anything I want. But here are the essentials I always keep in my closet that could keep me comfortable for the whole day of school.

2. Invest on the basics. I've been a fan of the trendy pieces of clothing in different prints and styles, but nothing can beat the simple elegance of basic clothing. My closet is now stacked with black and whites, denims and other timeless pieces that could go over the years without being boring.

3. Try it on.  Girls, let us accept it. Not every piece of clothing may go with your body type. And also mind the sizes and know if you're comfortable wearing it. Be sure to  fit everything before buying it. We don't want our money in waste, right right? 

4. Be price-conscious. If you're an average student like me, you'd know that it's not easy saving up money for shopping with all the school and miscellaneous expenses in mind. We all want what's best for our savings so be sure to look for affordable items. We could all look great without all the branded and expensive items we see in stores or in online shops.

5. Or better yet, just watch out for sale. Who doesn't love sale? You get the item in a discounted price!!! If you're low on budget, this is the best way to get the most out of your money. And speaking of sale, I was browsing though online shops and came across ZALORA. If you're looking for great discounts, you can visit the ZALORA site to check out their 2015 Chinese New Year Sale!

Keep in mind to be in your most comfortable outfit when shopping too. Perfect example is this tee and shorts combo. Who wants a hassle in the dressing room when trying on clothes? ;) Just mix and match prints and textures in black and white and you could look nice without even trying. Besides, nothing could go wrong with basics. And, less is more! Hahaha! *Just trying to be defensive, tinamad lang talaga ako maghanap ng isusuot =))* LOL!

Top and Shorts: H&M | Slip-ons: Topshop | Bag: Bershka | Sunnies: Drop n Shop

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