Sunday, August 3, 2014

School Diaries: The Essentials

Sunday, August 3, 2014

After our 4-month vacation, school's about to start again this August 11. I can already feel the stress I'll be facing this semester given all my subjects. More review nights, late night coffee and pool of papers to busy myself with. Ahhhh, I still like vacation better. I'm really not that enthusiastic about the upcoming sem. But what else could I do?? I'd just try my best to love all my subjects! I'm lucky to be given 18/21 units but I wasn't lucky enough to be enlisted in one of the GE courses I wanted to take! Oh well, I'm currently waitlisted and I hope somebody cancels his/her slot.

In line with the upcoming semester, I have a few school wardrobe essentials in mind. Considering that I go to UP, we do long walks from building to building, sometimes in just a span of 10 minutes, you have to be in your next class. And my worst experience, so far, is getting to CPCLH from CEAT. It's such a long walk and there's no jeepney to ride in to get there so I have no choice. Given this situation and worsen by the scorching hot sun or pouring rain, ahh, HASSLE!

So here are a few essentials I keep at my apartment during my school days. We can have comfort without fully sacrificing style. ;)

1. T-shirt - May it be a statement shirt, printed one, solid colored or even a simple white tee, who could go wrong with a simple but loud shirt? Every student needs this! HAHA!

2. Sweater/Jacket - At times like this, especially during the rainy season, this can keep you cold from the gushing wind or the airconditioned room you attend your class to. And you could immediately remove it, given that you're wearing a tank top inside, when it feels hot. This is my ultimate go-to outfit when the weather is bipolar.

3. Shorts - I prefer wearing shorts over pants during the rainy season because when I wear pants, the mud sticks to the lower end of it and it would feel sticky all day long. Unlike when you wear shorts, you could easily wash your legs off with water or wet wipes. Plus, when it's hot, you'd sweat your legs and you would feel all the heat trapped inside.

4. Jeans - But don't get me wrong after all that I've said in #3. I still keep a good fitting jeans inside my closet in my apartment. Jeans are a must, and some professors won't allow us to wear shorts during their classes. And when can you go wrong with jeans?? It basically fits with everything. I wear this during my I'm-too-lazy-to-think-of-what-I'd-wear-today or my OMG-I'm-running-late-and-I-don't-care-how-I'd-look-like or my I'm-stressed-out-and-I'd-grab-anything-in-my-closet moments. LOL

5. Sneakers - Native sneaks, yes!! This is a total lifesaver during the rainy season. Especially this cute floral ones. I couldn't take all my shoes getting mud and walking in it while the rain is pouring down. If you still don't know, I'm a shoe lover. I always see to it that my shoes are in good condition and I can't stand it when it's raining and I'm wearing my favorite canvass sneakers or leather brogues and doll shoes. So I always keep a native pair in my apartment. This is really made for the rain.

For a UP student like me, with no uniforms and dress codes whatsoever, it's so hard to keep tabs with what I wear. We can't avoid those times wherein we can't think of what to wear but would still like to look presentable. So here are the few essentials I think every student needs. It's comfortable and light. You just have to mix and match and play with patterns and colors to give an upgrade to that basics and you'll be good to go ;) 

Top: Mint | Shorts: Forever21 | Sneakers: Native | Bag: Kipling

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