Monday, May 20, 2013

Feeling Dainty

Monday, May 20, 2013

Yey, I'm back at home and I've realized that I missed my room (specifically my bed) so much!!! I could lie down all day, but I can't of course, I have lots of things to do!! HAHA. Anyway, here's what I wore one afternoon when my mom, sister and I decided to go to Paseo because 1) The power's out, 2) it's freakin' hot and 3) to eat Halo-Halo! HOHO 

I think dresses such as this are really for keeps. I mean, who could go wrong with such simple, cute dresses? I could stack up dresses like this and wear them everyday. When you ran out of ideas of what to wear, dresses will always be a life-saver! It's the easiest thing to wear plus it makes you look chic effortlessly!

I didn't even mind to accessorize so much because the dress already makes up the whole dainty-feeling look! And look, I'm wearing the same watch that I've worn in Red Soles, except that it's in pink now. 

I wonder what's with pink that makes everything look sweet and dainty. I know that a lot of girls have pink as their favorite color, well I couldn't blame them because no matter how many colors are existing in this world, pink will always be the one color that would stay in my heart (and teal of course, but we're talking about pink here so let us set aside teal for a moment lol). Oh, btw, I love how my nails matched the print of my dress!

Dress: SM GTW | Flats: Solemate | Belt: Genevieve Gozum | Watch: Gucci

P.S. Happy birthday Regina Claire Sawal! Alam kong nabati na kita pero gusto kitang batiin ulit. Hihi. Thank you, for everything! Baka tapos na tong araw na to, di pa ko tapos kakatype sa sobrang dami ng bagay na nagawa mo para sa akin. HAHA. Anway eto, naalala ko lang, lagi mo kasing kinekwento, nung 3rd year at nalaman mong kaklase mo ko at yung iba pa nating kaklase non, natakot ka at sabi mo ayaw mo ng pumasok. Tapos tignan mo ngayon, masyado na nating mahal ang isa't isa, bumili pa tayo ng couple shirt sa HongKong! HAHAHAHAHA

Alam kong masaya ka ngayon dahil may kaibigan kang napakaganda (Ehem!) na bumabati sayo. HAHA. Namimiss ko na yung dorm at syempre kayo! Huhu. Pero syempre ayoko pang magklase so I'll see you tomorrow! Okay? Mwa! I love you! :*

P.P.S. Palaki ka na ng mata ha. Tska paturo ka na ulit sakin kumanta! Bwhahahahahaha


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