Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Running Aztec

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tee plus shorts combo is something I really would go for everytime I need or want to be comfortable and whenever I'm in a rush. All I need to do is play with colors and patterns then I'm good to go!

I wore this when I went to Regina's house because her brother passed in the board exam, which means food plus fun. Yeey, congratulations kuya Elgin! :) It wasn't formal or anything, just a casual get together with a small group of people. So I decided to go for the clothing that's comfortable and appropriate - nothing fancy.

Ooooh, another print that I love - aztec <3 anyway, since my shorts is already printed and loud, I decided to wear a plain and light-colored top. I don't want to be overdressed and be the center of attention by wearing print on print, especially when the spotlight wasn't supposed to be on me! HAHAHA. Although it was on me later that evening because they can't beat me in Just Dance!! HAHA >:)

If I wasn't mistaken, it was raining that day. So I decided to take this doll shoes, that I haven't worn in a million years, out for a spin. It's really fast-drying that's why I love wearing this whenever its raining!

Top: Candie's | Shorts: Jellybean | Doll Shoes: Grendha

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