Friday, May 17, 2013

Bloom in Mullet

Friday, May 17, 2013

If ever you've read my previous post, well clearly the first part of it wasn't true. HAHA ate Pat uploaded our pictures yesterday from our outing a month ago and I've got something to blog about! Hooraaaaay!! Thank you ate Pat!! :*

So I came in a very summer-y outfit. I've had this skirt since December 2012 but I only got the chance to wear it now. I received it as a gift from one of my beautiftul friends, Ymagne, last Christmas. Yeah I'm only saying that because a lot of people see us as twins! HAHA She's the one in striped pencil skirt, right beside me :D

Lol. See our dads busy watching while we're busy taking pictures =))

Obviously, I am very happy! HAHA I always had a lot of fun when I'm with these people! We all live together in one apartment in Los BaƱos. And I've got to say, we're tight! As well as our parents. So we planned to have this outing at Pansol. I SWEAR IT WAS REALLY F-U-N! We sang, we played (volleyball, basketball), we ate (of course!), and then we swam until 3 am!

*Okay, tiis ganda para sa picture, medj makati yung grass hihi*

So anyway, I love this skirt, and I want to have more of it! Haha. For this outfit, I decided to match my top with one of the colors found on my skirt. Then added this pink belt, because the skirt is kind of big in my waist *yes naman, ang payat ko daw*.  

Added some accessories that matched the colors of my skirt then wore my other favorite sandals in pink , then I'm good to go :D

Top: Bazaar | Skirt: Gift | Belt: Kashieca | Sandals: Parisian

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