Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Korea Trip Day 1

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Here's a long overdue post of our Korea trip last December 2014. LOL. Imagine, it's almost been a year!!! Still, better late than never, right? I've always been excited about this trip because it was my first time to experience snow and negative degree celsius temperatures while walking along the streets. Plus, it's Korea! The fact that I'll be going to places I've just seen in Koreanovelas would really be fascinating -- but really, whenever I travel, I always find everything fascinating! HAHAHA. What's not to be fascinated about anyway? You'll learn about a new culture, taste new foods, see new places, and even encounter a lot of people, and it's all very exciting, right? So travel while you're able and while you still can. We're born to see the world ;)

I don't know what I should wear on our first day because we all know that it's freezing cold in Seoul, but really scorching hot here in Manila, so I settled for a cool top, but topped it off with a light coat and paired it with a leather leggings. It balances off the hot and cold weather we'll be experiencing in one day. Plus, we bought thermal wear so we could put them on when we land at Incheon. 

Yeeep, my favorite kind of view. To be able to touch these cotton candy-like clouds woud always be in my bucketlist. I hope I could go skydiving one day. 

Excuse my airplane selfie LOL

And yeeeeeey. Touchdown Seoul, Korea! It was already freezing cold the moment we got off the plane. We immediately went straight to the comfort room and put our thermal wear on.

The first time we stepped outside the airport, I can tell you, we were really freezing. It's as if our hands would turn to ice once we remove our gloves. It's so cold that our breaths form smoke, we even have a video and if you're a really close friend, I must've sent you that one. HAHAHA. 

We stayed at Seoul Royal for the rest of our Korea trip, which was located at Myeong-dong, one of the main shopping and tourism district of Seoul. *happy dance*

It was December 24 when we got in Seoul, so there are a lot of cute Christmas displays around the hotel and around the streets!

It was already late when we landed but the good thing is the stalls and shops and retail stores around Myeong-dong are open until late night. It was a long street, with a mixture of cosmetics, shoes, and clothes with global and local brands and it really made me a little bit crazy.

 After dinner, my sister and daddy went straight back to the hotel while mommy and I went around for a little longer. We saw a lot of street foods and wanted to taste all, there were also a lot of good deals with clothes and shoes but the sad thing was we were out of Won! HAHAHAHA, mommy forgot to get some money from daddy, so we just went back to the hotel *fail* Nonetheless, it was a really fun first winter night (though we didn't really experience an actual snowfall). Watch out for our next Korea adventure! ;)

Top: forever21 | Coat: Stradivarius | Leather leggings: Topshop | Boots: Payless | Bag: Bershka

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