Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

My own version of casual dressing usually involves denim. My sartorial picks have been monotonous lately, aka white, black, denims. My shopping loots for the past few weeks was nothing but basics. Everything that you can seem to pair for each piece existing in my closet. Not so sure if my style have just been evolving to practical or bland.

Just to add color to this very usual, monochromatic outfit, and finally had the chance to use it anyway, I paired it with one of my favorite jackets yet (thank whoever for the cold weather last week!). If you're going for comfort above anything else, this outfit is nothing but perf ;)

Of course, white sneaks! I knew when I laid eyes on this pair, it was a steal! I don't think this trend would die off any time soon.

Top: H&M | Shorts: Forever21 | Sneakers: Stradivarius | Jacket: Adidas

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