Monday, December 21, 2015

Korea Trip Day 3

Monday, December 21, 2015

Saw the beauty of Seoul today. We spent this fine, cold day visiting some of the tourist spots around Seoul. Read more about our trip!

We started this day, like the usual, hotel buffet breakfast, then heading out to our itinerary. By the way, this day has the lowest temperature during our stay in South Korea. It was a -10 degree celsius, even I can't believe we survived that during the city tour. 

We got a little lost on our way to the Seoul City Tour Bus station, so we had a photo op. Lol.

We took a right turn instead of the left. We roamed around the whole block only to find out that it was right across the street. LOL! But Finally!! ;)

Seoul City Tour bus is a bus allowing you unlimited ride for the whole day and stops at the famous attractions around Seoul. 

First stop: The National Museum of Korea

Second Stop: War Memorial of Korea

Third Stop: Itaewon
We had our lunch here. It's also one of the famous shopping district around the city, so we roamed around for a bit. 

Korean food and meals are really so tasty.

*LOL* Why am I looking at the big sizes HAHAHA

Fourth stop: N Seoul Tower
We had an amazing view of the city here. There were also an act right in the middle of the grounds. And love locks too! 

Fifth stop: Gyeongbokgung Palace
This was also our last stop, because it was already too dark to take pictures. 

We actually just walked on our way back because we have missed the last trip of the city tour bus. It's a good thing that it was just near because it was really freezing cold! LOL

Nevertheless, I really enjoyed seeing the beauty of Seoul. I'd like to be back and visit the other famous attractions too. South Korea has a rich culture and someday, I want to have a deeper knowledge and understanding. Of all the Asian countries, excluding the Philippines, the country I'm really drawn into is Korea. I even learned how to write in Korean! LOL. I want to be back, during the fall maybe. ;)

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