Thursday, July 3, 2014

HAVAIANAS…A Dream Photoshoot by MangoRED

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hi guysssssssss!! I've been waiting for almost three weeks now to spill this to all of you! But if you're a facebook friend, or twitter and instagram follower, you must've already known that I got this big opportunity to attend my very first blogger event at Camarines Sur with Havainas!

Inspired by today’s love for photographs, Havaianas put together a special 2-month promotion for Havaianatico couples who color their love story with the most colorful flip-flops in the world. Five couples from all over South Luzon are hailed as winners through a raffle draw supervised by respective DTI representatives on April 25.

On June 23 and 24, the dream photoshoot of the five couples are brought into reality by Havaianas featuring MangoRED, the Rockstar of Wedding Photography.

It still feels surreal, being invited and experiencing this very memorable and wonderful event! I'm from Sta. Rosa so I have to travel all the way to Naga. But from that point on, I've experienced nothing but the best -- best bus ride ever! We rode the Isarog sleeper bus and it's the comfiest ride from Turbina to Naga. The interior of the bus looks like it's really made for sleeping, the seats (or should I call it bed, LOL) could be reclined and there's a lot of space to stretch out your legs. There's even a compartment for your things! We left Turbina at around 11pm so I just literally slept the whole trip, and all I can say is that I really slept well. Very comfortable and hassle-free :D

When I arrived at Naga, the havaianas staff picked us up at the bus terminal and dropped us off in the Avenue Plaza Hotel. When I got inside the room, this is what greeted me! A personalized letter from the general manager of the hotel, freebies from Havaianas and the list of activities we'd do for our 2-day adventure!! We just had a little time so I used it to freshen up and get ready for the short opening programme. :)

The set design was amazing, all thanks to the very creative interior designer of Muy Bien, Mr. Ben Nasayao! :D

So here are the 5 lucky couples who won the raffle draw and got a chance to have their dream photoshoot with MangoRED. Go visit their site, their photos are really one of a kind!

Of course there was a short speech from our special guests from MangoRED, our make-up artist, Ms. Theresa Carbonel and of course from Ms. Rica Buenaflor!! :)

This is not even half of what I did at CamSur!! I'd post more of my CamSur experience and some BTS from the couples' dream photoshoot with MangoRed on my next blog post. Watch out for it!! :D

                                       Thanks to Havaianas for making this event happen!

Special thanks to our Partners and Sponsors:
Theresa Carbonel (make-up artist)
Regine Matias (hair stylist)
Ben Nasayao of Muy Bien (production design and stylist)

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