Friday, July 4, 2014

Day 1: Experience CamSur with Havaianas

Friday, July 4, 2014

Finally!! Here's what we did at the first day of the #ExperienceCamSurWithHavaianas !! As you've read in my previous post, the Havaianas team held A Dream Photoshoot by MangoRED for 5 lucky couples who won the raffle draw for thHavaianatico couples who color their love story with the most colorful flip-flops in the world. This event was not only most-awaited by the couples but for us, bloggers, as well. We had so much exciting activities lined up!

Top: BU7 | Maxi Skirt: Forever21

First off, when we checked in at our hotel room, I took a fresh bath, dressed up quickly and had a mini photoshoot before the opening program begins! Well of course, seize the moment that I'm with my new blogger friends and we all love taking outfit shots and shooting out of the blue! I'm roomies with ate Jamie of Spotlight on Jamie, and what can I say, we just met earlier that day and we got along really well! The photo above was taken by Paul Echano, another new blogger friend. This event did not only open the doors for new opportunities for my blog but also for me, to meet new people who loves the same thing as I do! I know no one when I first said yes to this event, I was a little scared thinking that I'd be forever alone for the whole trip but these people just made everything easy and natural. We have common interests that makes it feel like I've known them forever. We already clicked just after a little introduction and a few chit-chats! OMGGGG, I miss you guys!!! #Clingy

We have to wear the Havaianas shirt provided for the event so I had to change my top before the program began!! I even wore my new pair of Havaianas to complete my outfit. I'm really a Havaianas fan for a long time already and it was so much fun collaborating with the brand! After the short opening program, we went straight to Bigg's Diner Magsaysay to have our lunch. It was my first time to try their food and it was really good. There was a branch of Bigg's Diner at SM Sta. Rosa before but closed down after a while. I hope a branch would open again somewhere near Sta. Rosa!!

Now let's get down to the Dream Photoshoot by MangoRED. We got at CWC after lunch to witness the photoshoot for ourselves. I was so excited because I've seen some works of MangoRED including the wedding of Iya Villania and Drew Arellano, and Jericho Rosales and Kim Jones! Here are some BTS, as promised :D

The interior of the cabanas were very nice, as usual. All thanks to the genius, Mr. Ben Nasayao of Muy Bien! Look how cute these pillows are, I want one!! Huhu.

Look at the caps, very nice!! It's also made by Mr. Ben Nasayao.

 And of course, it's best to look fresh and gorgeous with a once in a lifetime photoshoot such as this. One of the best make-up artists and hair stylists from Manila were invited to make our couples look dashing and beautiful for this dream photoshoot!

Ms. Theresa Carbonel uses this one of a kind make-up from Ellana Mineral Cosmetics. It is waterproof, which is very perfect for the humid weather in CamSur. Even though the couples are already sweating under the sun, they still look fresh and carefree! :D

Now after all that #BloggerDuties, it is time for some fun!! We experienced wakeboarding at the CWC! It wasn't my first time to try wakeboarding because we have Republ1c Wakepark just 30 mins away from home. But it feels like a whole new experience because this time, I'm with my blogger friends!!

 I was so happy because I was able to improve my stance and the staff from the beginner's area said I can now move on to the professional's!! Hoooray!!!!! =))

It was a really fun fun fun filled day!! Although it was tiring, I enjoyed every bit of it. From the very start of my day, meeting the staff behind Havaianas, having the chance to mingle with the couples and my co-bloggers, sweet snacks and refreshments, yummy lunch from Bigg's, the opportunity to witness how MangoRED does their amazing works, some beauty tips from Ms. Theresa Carbonel and Regine Matias and wakeboarding with my fellow bloggers!

Top and Pants: Terranova | Sandals: Forever21 | Sunnies: SM Accessories

Here's the only photo I have of my outfit after our wakeboarding. We were all tired and we don't have the energy to shoot anymore. But this is really a day to remember!! 

Thanks to Havaianas for making this event happen!

Special thanks to our Partners and Sponsors:
Theresa Carbonel (make-up artist)
Regine Matias (hair stylist)
Ben Nasayao of Muy Bien (production design and stylist)
Maison Sangreal

**Some photos are taken from Paul Echano, Jamie Lou Borile and Abigail Silerio


  1. This is so nice, Gera! I MITH YOU! #CLINGY HAHAHA

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    1. Huhu. Miss you too!! EK soon please!!! HAHAHA!

  2. I miss you Gear!! See you soon!! ☺ Nice photos by the way, using your phone only. Nice nice hihi

    1. Haha, yes! It's very handy! And yes, see you soon please! Visit Sta. Rosa na! Hahaha :D

  3. OMG mali yung natype ko its gear not Gera. Sorry girl :* :*


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