Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bohol Trip Day 1

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Going back to my summer vacation, here's the most exciting part of them all. Our Bohol trip! We used to go overseas trip for summer but since I attended summer classes, we didn't have the chance to. But it's also nice to wander around your own country and see the true beauty of it, right? Love your own!! Plus, it's more fun in the Philippines!! :D I like riding airplanes. It's your chance to see how wonderful it is up there. The spectacular view of land and sea, the clouds, and the feeling that you're floating on air - literally. Watching the sunrise, now off my bucket list since we saw it for ourselves with our morning flight, and with the best possible view!

Wacky faces while taking off.

When we arrived at the Bohol Airport, our tour guide picked us up and we went sightseeing and experienced the countryside tour. Just the perfect tour to see the beauty of Bohol.

Our first stop, a cafe wherein we had our breakfast. It was a morning flight so the moment we landed, we were all hungry. We just had a snack and coffee on the plane but if you know me well, you'd know that isn't enough to keep me going through the whole morning. 

We went to the Baclayon Church which was devasted by the earthquake we had last year. Even though it was damaged, the interior (especially the altar) was standing still. This is one of the oldest and most historic churches we have in the Philippines. We weren't allowed to take pictures inside the museum so this is all I have. By the way, could you see the image of Padre Pio in the stone relics?? It's so amazing!

While on our way to see the Bohol Python and Wildlife Park, we passed by this very cute house. Modern day nipa hut!! :D

Eeeeeh! Probably the biggest and longest snake I've ever seen. We went to the Tarsier Conservation Area afterwards.

This is by far the closest picture I could get. So sorry for the low quality. The tarsier is very small, about only the size of your palm. And we couldn't get close enough so I have to zoom in up to the closest possible extent. I find this animal very interesting. Though they're now close to extinction. Ooooh, no please. They're too cute with their super big eyes! Just a trivia, do you know that they're kind of suicidal? Just a little hint of noise could make them go crazy and want to kill themselves. That's why we were all close to whispering while observing the area. They could turn their heads up to 180 degrees. It's so cool!

So after the churches, the wildlife and the tarsiers, another scenic spot that is a must-see when you visit Bohol is the famous Chocolate Hills. We have to climb about a hundred steps to get to the top and be left in awe with the amazing view of the chocolate hills. It's worth all the sweat, I'm telling you. The sight is spectacular!!

After all the sightseeing and tour we had, we went to the floating restaurant in the Loboc river. We had a sumptuous buffet lunch while enjoying the view and being entertained by a number of singers singing local songs. Being surrounded by nature, breathing fresh air, hearing soft melody, and sleeping throughout the boat ride. It was very relaxing! :)

Our tour guide dropped us off at The Bellevue Resort where we checked in for our whole stay.

We had the whole afternoon to ourselves in which we spent bonding and exploring the resort. Taking snapchats here and there, eating snacks and playing chess and billiards. We had dinner at the restaurant afterwards and slept comfortably the whole night. So much for our first day, watch out for more pictures until my next post! ;)

outfit 1: Pink Top: Bazaar | Blazer: Thrifted | Shorts: Stradivarius | Sneakers: Terranova | Hat: SM Accessories | Sunnies: Forever21
outfit 2: Yellow Top and Shorts: Stradivarius | Sneakers: Native | Cap: Oxygen | Sunnies: SM Accessories

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