Monday, July 21, 2014

Forget Me Not

Monday, July 21, 2014

Is it really possible to just forget? Like completely forget how to do the things you used to or just how they were? Well maybe there would be muscle memory or your mind playing around with you and repeats the same scene again and again. But how long will it last before doing the same old thing and feel completely and unbelievably new to you? Like, your computer suddenly restarted and you haven't saved the paper you've been working on for hours and it can't be recovered and now you have to start all over again with nothing but the faded memory of it?

There are really things that are easy to forget, like a text that you somehow just skimmed but never really understood the entirety of it, the breakfast you had Monday last week, a story your grade school teacher told you, the combo attacks you've been memorizing for each character in Tekken or even how to perfect a song at Rock Band in PSP. UGHH. I really am so frustrated right now because I haven't laid a finger on my PSP for ages and I feel like I don't know how to play anymore!! The Tekken part is fine because I could win even though I'm only pressing random buttons all at the same time but for Rock Band, Ugh! I keep on missing the beats and keep on struggling on what buttons to press and so on and so forth! *hahaha, so sorry for the rants*

But there are also things that just remain in your heart and mind. Even though you try so hard to forget, it just keeps on reminding you of how it changed your life forever. Well maybe it's really worth remembering because it's already a part of who you are right now, right? Those things are not that easy to throw away and remove from your heart and thoughts (even if you have to) because it touched your life, those are the things that mattered. And I don't think that you'd ever forget about that. At one point, you have to admit that somehow, it made you happier, it made you feel alive, it made you want to wake up each morning and greet it with a smile on your face and look forward for another great day. And you really don't have to erase that memory. Cherish it for the rest of your life but accept that it's already past you now. Just seek for yourself and wonder on what else life has to offer. Better things are yet to come.  Look around and appreciate even the littlest things. Because sometimes, the simplest yet greatest joys in life are found in those little things that looks like they don't matter. But it does, believe me or believe me. Hahaha!

I started this post because I really just want to rant about my degrading skills in playing Rock Band but it turned about to be more than that because this one person popped into my head while I am writing this. Kung saan-saan nanaman tuloy napunta yung mga sinasabi ko. Haha!

Top, Vest, Shorts: Forever21 | Shoes: Topshop | Cap: SM Accessories

**I'm once again dedicating this post to my ninang,
Patricia Isabelle Mendoza. 
Hi nang, love you mwa!! 


  1. Who was that 'one person', ate? :">

    1. HAHAHA! This post was actually for my ninang, anon :D


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