Sunday, January 12, 2014

Take A Break

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Taking a break from flooding my mind with Physics82 stuff. I still can't believe it's already been a week since classes started. My mind is so preoccupied that I can't keep track of time again. So, being the busy-me, I needed to study tonight for my exams on Tuesday because I still have other things to attend to on the next few days. And I think my head's about to explode with all the information I need to absorb. HAHA! I need to analyze and understand everything tonight since my mind and ears aren't functioning during our lecture classes. Lol

To ease my mind a bit, let me blog about the outfit that I wore last week. I wore a pants, brogues and a bratop - totally the opposite of a shopping outfit (at least for me) so I would stray away from fitting clothes but unfortunately it didn't work. My eyes started to sparkle the second I saw all the SALE tag on all my favorite brands around Makati and tried on some pieces and can't help myself but buy them. Uhh, I really need to control myself from shopping too much. I still have a lot of unused clothes inside my closet and a lot of old clothes I have only worn once or twice. Better use them first before buying new ones! Yeah, I really need to keep that in mind! 

It was a super fun day so let me tell you how I rolled my first Sunday of the year. First, we had the usual Sunday breakfast, and by usual I meant eating breakfast at Mcdonald's at SLEX. We always eat there whenever we are going to Manila Sunday morning. Then went straight to Greenbelt to hear mass. Yep, explains why I wore pants! Lol. Then had lunch at Superbowl with my cousins and aunts and uncles. It was my cousin's birthday treat. After eating lunch, my cousin Bianca and I roamed around Glorietta then head to Krispy Kreme for some snacks. Once we're full, my mom and I went to SM Makati to buy some stuff then we roamed around Glorietta again. Haha. We did nothing but walk and walk and walk and walk. My feet actually hurts but it's always fun to look around. And a lot more fun when you get to buy things on sale! Heehee :p After a little shopping, we went to LB because I had to review for my exam at ENSC11 the next day. I reviewed with my sj friends and we stayed up until 3 am. It was the perfect first weekend, except for the last part HAHA jk. I still had fun while reviewing since I was with my friends <3  

Bratop: Uni Qlo | Chambray: American Eagle Outfitters | Jeans: Giordano | Brogues: Artwork | Bag: Kipling | Sunnies: Drop and Shop

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