Sunday, January 5, 2014

Dare To Be Different

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Just as I used this outfit to welcome a new year, I'll use this outfit as well to bid my will-be-super-missed-Christmas-break farewell. This is the last day of my break and I'm spending it by studying for my first long exam tomorrow. Can't believe school's back. It just breaks my heart </3

As I've said earlier, I wore this to New Year's Eve countdown at Resorts World Manila. If you've been my reader for who knows how long, you'd probably know that this isn't my usual style. But I want a new, different and adventurous year that's why I started with this particular outfit to greet the new year. Just like what they say, why blend in when you're born to stand out? A lot of people wear nice and fancy clothes during the new year, and I decided to pass on that. This year is all about change, so I went for the grungy feel instead of a dressy outfit.  Since it's new year, I still managed to add that 'feel' in my outfit through my nails. What screams New Year better than polka dots? Oh, now take a look at my nails! 

I really like to try a lot of new things this year, do many firsts and just be spontaneous! Not just in my way of dressing, but in my life as well (but I might as well start on that). I'm so ready for this change! Woohoo.

Top: BNY | Shortalls: Cotton On | Plaid Polo: Cotton On | Boots: Payless | Bag: Lacoste

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