Sunday, April 6, 2014

Busy As A Bee

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Omygaaaaahd. It felt like forever since I last updated my blog!!! I really missed this. A LOT! I can't believe that the last three months have been my busiest and I'm really glad it's over. Well maybe just a little. I've been busy the past months mainly because of Verve 4: Transcendance. Lol. (Yes because of verve, not because of my acads, loljk.) But really, a lot of my time was alloted for verve training. I can't believe I haven't gone home for a month for that. But it was really fun and worth all the efforts and pain we experienced in preparation for the big production. I can't explain the feeling while I was dancing on stage and seeing everyone in the audience smiling, cheering, clapping, and all those sorts of things. Uhh, I wish I could do a concert with my sj fam anytime soon. Fast forward to verve 5, maybe? :D

But days after verve came in my hell weeks, so I still haven't find the time to post in here. I have to catch up with my acads and spend quality time with my family as well. I haven't had enough sleeps for the past few days because of my final exams. My acads is killing me!!! Well maybe just my physics. Lol. Huhu, Lord, please let me pass. :( I'm just 5 units away from my junior standing, I really can't believe how fast time flies! 

So anyway, I still haven't had a taste of summer yet and here goes the online registration tomorrow for summer classes. I want to take some of my courses in advance so I won't have to take all the difficult subjects all at once. Now I have to spend my summer vacation in UPLB! *sobs* But anyway, it's okay since our 1st semester would start on August. More vacation, more fun! :D

Let's not just talk about my outfit since it was way back last January. Lol. Just wanted to post something and decided to post backlogs since I have no new outfit because I don't have time to shoot lately or I just keep forgetting my camera =))

P.S. I hope I could still update my blog despite my busy schedule for the coming weeks because of my summer classes. And I really hope for a summer getaway real soon! Can't wait to take my summer dresses out for a spin already. Lol.

Corset Top: Bazaar | Cardigan: Forever21 | Denim shorts: Uni Qlo | Brogues: Kicks

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