Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Good Life

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

"Life takes you up and down, and life spins you all around
The good life, I know I made it the good life
I know I've made it with you"

This line came from a song by Robin Thicke, The Good Life. Okaay, and this has absolutely nothing to do with my outfit today. And I can't make something up to relate them. It's just that I've been listening to this song a lot lately and I thought that it would be good just to discuss how good life has been for me this 2013. This is my last blog post for the year so I'd like to make it special, and maybe a little cheesy. It's the last day of the year so please forgive me? :P Uhh, time flies so fast and I didn't even realize that the year will already come to an end. I guess you just can't keep track of the time when you're having so much fun with your life. Haha! So first and foremost, I'd like to thank God that I'm here on earth, alive, breathing and ready to face 2014 and for everything that He has blessed me with. I really have a lot to be thankful for. Words won't be enough to express my gratitude, but hey at least I'll try. I could almost say that I have nothing more to ask for - except maybe for some more clothes? Ooh, and maybe a car? HAHA! Lol just kidding :p

I know that the past few months haven't been really good for the Philippines, a lot of accidents, calamities and natural disturbances occured and a lot of Filipino families have been affected. This made me appreciate life better. I really consider myself lucky. We may not be THAT rich but at least I got everything that I need and almost everything that I ever wanted. There's food on my plate three (or more) times a day, up-to-date gadgets, a lot of nice clothes and shoes in my closet, a comfortable room to sleep in at night, and a home filled with love. I have to say that I'm really proud I have 'THAT' kind of relationship with my family. I can talk to my mother about everything under the sun like she's my bestfriend, I could share clothes and shoes and whatever that could be shared with my sister, and I take crazy and wacky pictures/selfies with my dad. We all just joke around, hangout every weekend, go to the mall to window shop (or maybe not window, lol HE HE) and eat yummy foods, or just go to anywhere and everywhere and spend some quality time and have fun. I really love all the time I spend with my family and I wouldn't trade anything for it. <3

And speaking of family - I had the chance to be a part of another family this year. My Street Jazz family. I'm really delighted I became a part of this group. I'd be honest and say that the first few weeks wasn't really easy and I had thought of quitting. We have trainings Monday-Friday, 5:30-9:00 pm, and we even had sembreak training. All I thought about was "I'm so tired, I have school and homeworks to do but I have to go to training.", "I have training on a Friday, how would I go home?!", "I like to have dinner with my friends but I can't go because of training.", "I'd like to spend my sembreak at home, watching a movie, relaxing, eating all the food we have but I can't because I have to go to training." and a lot more of that. It is really time consuming but I loved it eventually. When I thought of quitting, my ever loving family and friends convinced me and gave me courage to give it a few more weeks and I was amazed myself by how attached I got to the group. I can't believe I'm saying this but I really miss training. I hope we had a Christmas break training too. HAHA! Loljk. I just have so much fun with them that it didn't matter if I sleep late (or not, haha, I'm really lazy lol) to finish all my requirements and to sacrifice my Friday and go home during Saturdays instead. Uhh, I just love you guys!! <3

Looking back at 2013, I could say that I had no regrets, just love. HAHA! :P I'm not saying that I didn't have any mistakes, I did, maybe a lot. But I just live with them and learn from them. Sometimes these mistakes could lead us to something better - we just have to wait. Whenever I don't get something I want, I'm just thinking that it isn't for me. It's because something better yet to come. It's something I believed in for a long time now. I believe that God has planned what's best for us and sometimes, the things we want isn't what's best. We just have to trust God on that one. He never fails anyway, so no worries. ;) anyway I really would like to thank everyone who has been a part of my 2013. May it be a friend, classmate, acquaintance, teacher, someone I pass by at the campus, roommate, reader, someone in whatever or however way has made my year, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH. It might be clichè but I wouldn't be who I am today if not for you guys. I hope you'd still be part of my 2014! :>

I can really say that I'm blessed with a good life: loving and supportive friends, financially, health, good grades, yummy foods, clothes and shoes (oh, how can I forget? :P), great opportunities, adventures, and a really good relationship with my family. It has been an exciting year. It would be hard to squeeze in a single blogpost all the experiences and memories made but all I can say is, it was really good. I can't remember having any (major major) hardships and all I remember are the good times. Just like in this outfit, all the bad things turned black and white and the good things popped out above everything - just like the pop of Lavander in an all black and white outfit. It's like a combo breaker, and I think everyone needs that. ;)

You might think that it is too early for me to say this, but I think I live a good life. Yes, it isn't perfect but it is good. Since this is the last day of the year, let us all enjoy, leave all our worries and problems aside and spend the day with our loved ones. If you had a good year just like mine, this is the last day to make it even more better. And if you had a not-so-good year, well, it's not yet too late to change that. Do something that would make you say "It's not a bad year at all". We have always spent New Year's Eve at Eastwood City and we decided to spend it at Resorts World Manila this year, just for a change ;) We'd celebrate through their New Years Countdown with lots of amazing performances and yummy foods while waiting for 12:00 am of 01 January 2014. Away from all the firecrackers and stuff, it's safer that way! HAHA but in anyway you want it, let's all have a fun last day of 2013!! Seize every moment!!!

Top and Shorts: Forever21 | Shoes: Robinsons Sta. Rosa (I don't know the name of the store HAHA!) | Bag: Lacoste | Sunnies: Calvin Klein (From Que Family)

Oh, and you should listen to the song, it's so nice! :)

P.S. I was so pissed that the first draft I made was deleted and this was my second take. Ugh, I literally erased everything I wrote and I have to start from scratch! I never have to click that undo button again! Lol. Thankfully I still remember some of the things I wrote. Ugh, but anyway, I won't let that ruin my day. So let's get the party started!!!! Hooray! =))

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