Saturday, December 28, 2013

Pinky Swear

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Pinky swears, promises, whatever you may call it. It is so disappointing when these words get broken. Why promise something when you would just break it? Or why break something when you've already given your word? (Do you see the difference between the two? Lol ) Promising something when you're too happy and breaking it when you're too pissed. Uhh, yeah, that broke thousands of hearts already. I can't say that I haven't broken any one of the promises I made. I did, actually. But that taught me a lesson: never promise something you can't do; never ever give promises just because you're caught in the moment and too happy and you feel like it's the end of the world; and never do promise without assuring that there would be no chance of you breaking it. 

Okaaaaaaay. I don't know why I just said those things. HAHA. I just can't think of a better title related to what I'm wearing. I've been trying to whack my mind for ideas but nothing's really coming. I wanted to think of something nicer related to pink but there's only an empty space on my brain right now. So please just bear with the super lame title? Lol. I did justify it a bit in the first paragraph anyway. :)) It's past 12 and I can't think of anything anymore. I've been out for the whole day and I didn't have time to make a scheduled post that is why I'm only doing this now. HE HE HE

Now let's get down to my outfit. I wore this for a day out in the mall then went straight to Bellevue Hotel in Alabang to have some fun at the Vue Bar for my tita's birthday celebration. Found this amazing forever21 top at the overruns store at Nuvali while I was supposed to do Christmas shopping for the gifts I was supposed to give my friends. I can't help but get myself one or two. Lol, I even got the top I was supposed to give my friend Bles, so I got to get her a new one the next day. HAHA :P I love how this top was open at the back, just to show a little hint of skin. Though I wore a nude cami underneath so I won't get cold inside the mall =)) I paired it with my favorite jeggings because I thought it wasn't allowed to wear shorts to the Vue Bar.

Finished my look off with my pink strappy sandals. I wore it while I was roaming around at the mall but slipped into my glittery heels when we got to the bar. And I'm so sorry I have no pictures wearing it. Lol. I was too busy enjoying my first ever frozen margarita! It feels nice to drink along with my family and relatives, I do feel legal! HAHAHAHA. 

Top: Forever21 | Jeggings: Candie's | Sandals: Parisian | Bag: Kate Spade | Bracelet: Michael Kors

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