Monday, December 16, 2013


Monday, December 16, 2013
Well, yup. Ginanahan akong magupdate ngayon dahil sa isang anon sa :D Btw, sorry for the lack of updates, Its really hard to find time to squeeze in a blogpost cause Im stay at an apartment in LB, so basically I have no access to my laptop (which has all my pictures) during the weekdays. Then, we always have plans during weekends (and not that I'm complaining, anyway). So, here goes...

Yey! It's that time of the year again, my favorite holiday - Christmas! Well who doesn't love it anyway? It's the time when you can share the love and blessings with the people around you. Plus, just the christmas spirit is enough to make me feel joyful and blessed. The idea of chirstmas tree, christmas lights, all the other decorations and CHRISTMAS SONGS in every corner, it really lifts my spirits up! So just for my first post this break, another compilation of my ootds! Lol, I can't bear the long list in my notes anymore so I better post them now. Enjoy! :D

Ray of Sunshine

The way one dresses can affect our mood, so why not take a colorful dress our for a spin on a gloomy weather to brighten up one's day? ;)

Boho Feels

Brown boots + straw hat = Instant bohemian feel

Mixed Emotions

I can't really describe this outfit in a single word, hence the title. Mixed emotions. It's kind of sporty with a girly twist. Yeah, you get me? :P


Oh yessss, watched Cinderella at New Port Performing Arts Theatre! You should watch it too, 'tis very nice :D Anyway, wore this princess-y dress Arianne scored at BU5, but then it's too small for her so I got it instead. 

Care for a Drink? ;)

Too lazy to dress up? Stock up on button downs and sneakers and your problem is solved, cause it always works!;)

Go For Romper

This amazing one piece is definitely a must-have. The only problem is when you do need to use the restroom. Lol

'Tis Fall after All

Well what can I do, the colors on my skirt reminded me of Fall. And I'm too sleepy already to think of a better title. So yeah, please bear with me :P

Uhhh, yes! Hoping this would be my last #ootdN post for this year. Looking forward to posting a single outfit for each blogpost (if that makes any sense). ;)

P.S. To the anon who asked for an update in, you have no idea how much you motivated me to keep this blog alive again :)

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