Sunday, November 3, 2013


Sunday, November 3, 2013
Hooray! Congratulations to me for getting back this quickly! HAHA. Anyway, this was really a fun-filled day! It feels like I haven't gone to a mall for a month or maybe more than that and it feels good to spend the day on one (or maybe three, lol). I was roaming around greenbelt, glorietta and SM Makati all day long. It feels so good to do what my family usually do during weekends (before I was so busy) - pigging out, watching movies, shopping, bonding. We ate lunch at Yakimix and I think I was the one who ate the most amongst the four of us (#oops) then mom and dad checked in at the New World Makati Hotel while my sister and I roam around the mall, then we watched Thor 2 (It was great, by the way. Already excited for the sequel!), then we shopped. Hihi, I was so happy that mommy and daddy allowed me!! Thank you mommy and daddy! Love youuu! And after the very looooong walks at the mall, I'm now comfortably lying in this very soft bed in a cozy hotel room. #blessed Thank you Lord!


Lazy Song

Birthday Suit

Black and Brown


Ala Blair Waldorf

Little Miss Goody

I'm so sorry I don't have the energy to type any more words here. It's almost 2 am, mind you. HAHA. This post was supposed to be last night but I wasn't able to finish it because I lost track of time while having fun in facebook and twitter with some of my sj friends. I'm literally laughing all by myself while reading all the comments! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Anyway, here are the remaining #ootds excluding the outfits I wore this week. Lol. I might include it in my next post or start making a single entry for every outfit like I used to ;)

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