Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Lantern Parade

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Wore this comfy outfit when we went to UP Diliman to watch the Lantern Parade last December 18. Well, I think watch is not the perfect term because we didn't actually watch. My highschool friends and I just bonded, talked, laughed, played, take pictures while the parade was going on. Ahh, it just feels so good to be reunited and catch up with my highschool buddies. I really can't feel the time passing by when I'm with them. It may sound corny and cliché but they're the best! I think I wouldn't have survived highschool without them. They made my highschool days fun and memorable. I love you guys!! <3

So anyway, wore something comfy and casual because I assumed we'll be walking a lot around the campus with big number of crowds and I don't want to be overly-consious with what I'm wearing so I went for a simple tank top and origami skorts. Though origami skorts is not that simple because I think it's not something one would wear everyday. But wore it either way to make my look, even a slightest bit, fashionable. Lol. Added a cardgian because I figured that it might be cold at night.

Nothing says comfortble more than a good pair of sneakers. And yes, it is leather - told you to watch out for more posts with leather pieces! Lol =))

 Oh, and did I mention how much fun we had during the whole night? After watching (???) the Lantern Parade, we had dinner at, what they call, Area 2. Then we went straight to Mcdonald's at Katipunan to spend the rest of the evening. We talked even more, bonded, played different kinds of games, and enjoyed every minute of it over coffee floats, burgers and mcdonald's fries. Ugh, how much better could it get - spending the night with the best food and best people! Then came by 6 am and we went back to UPD so the upd people could get their things then the next thing I knew is we were all knocked out on the bus on our way back home. It was a tiring but really fun experience, I hope we could do it again next year! 

Top: Bazaar | Skorts: Postura_mnl | Cardigan: Candie's | Bag: Kipling | Sneakers: Converse

Oh, by the way, here are some pictures I've took using my phone. It's not a lot but enough to remind me how wonderful that night has been! Am I too cheesy now? Lol HAHAHAHAHA

**HAHA Talk about not a lot! Lol =))
***and yes, I'm relying on the scheduled post feature of blogger once again. Today's my sister's birthday so I might be out and about having fun - as I always do! HEEHEE. Kbye.

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