Monday, December 23, 2013


Monday, December 23, 2013

Have you ever watched or even just heard of Walt Disney's Frozen? Well if you haven't you are missing a big part of your life. Lol, okay, so maybe I was exaggerating. But really, I just can't help but give praise for the movie. It was so good - the animation, the music, the story. I just want to watch it again. DVDs, please come out sooner! And while still waiting for the original and clear copies of the movie, I have (or my sister have) downloaded the movie, its not the best quality but it can be dealt with. Haha, desperate times call for desperate measures, eh? Lol. One of my favorite songs from the movie is Love is an Open Door. Try to listen to it, it brings good vibes. ;)

So anyway, what has frozen got to do something with this post for today? It's not like I'm wearing ice and the pictures don't really scream 'cold', you could say that by simply looking at the intense afternoon heat at the background, HAHAH! Hmm, so while looking at the pictures for today's post, seeing the white, clean vest and icy blue-like heels, it kind of like reminded me of the movie! (sorry, maipilit lang. HAHA :p)

I wore this last week when my mom and I went to Paseo to fetch my sister. We looked for some things and had lunch. Just a simple and SHORT stroll, so I have to take advantage and wear one of my heels. It's not like I can wear them everyday at school or during long walks at the mall. My feet would give up on me! Haha. 

I'd like to make the most out of my vacation and I'm really glad we have lots of plans. (which means more outfit posts!) Well it's like we always had plans anyway, and I know I'm really lucky to experience this kind of fortune, so thank you Lord! <3 but for now, since I'm staying at home, I gotta catch up with my series. So, bye for now!

Top: sANNEday bazaar | Vest: Forever21 | Shorts: BU4 | Heels: Payless | Bag: Juicy Couture

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