Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ice Cold

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Yey for my first ever pedestrian lane shot!

I was inspired to wear something that looks icy because we were ice skating when I wore this! It was the 24th and it was my sister's birthday. It has been a tradition that we always ice skate during her birthday. I learned skating in ice all by myself, and I can't believe how I did that either. HAHA! :P Some of my cousins took lessons then they just taught me some of the basics and then I can already skate on my own. I've always been an adventurous kid - ready to try new things, not afraid of anything and not letting anyone or anything get in the way. I even remembered when I was still a kid, it's okay for me to fall infinite times from the bicycle as long as I'd learn how to ride it. I also remembered how my friends and I used to climb the tank of water in our subdivision. And I can still remember how brave I was when I first learned how to swim. The point is, I was willing to try anything, I wasn't afraid. Now let's get back to skating. =)) I learned how to ice skate when I was still in elementary. My cousins lived near SM Megamall and we usually skate there back then before they removed the skating rink! I was so disappointed when I found out that it was already gone. I've always dreamt of learning how to figure skate, but I already gave up. Besides, I have a handful of learning to do now that I'm taking up engineering. Lol. I'm already contented that I know how to skate and not make a fun of myself while inside the skating rink. ;)

About my "icy" outfit, white always seems to remind me of ice so I gave it a shot and paired it with an equally "icy" feeling top that I got on sale from Cotton On. I knew it would be cold inside the skating rink so I opted for a pants and brought my bestfriend for the past few weeks already, my leather jacket :D Ooh, and I can't help myself but take advantage of wearing heels since I won't be walking so much and because it would be such a waste to not wear them. Anyway I got this pair for only 200 pesos at the sANNEday bazaar! I love how easy it is to pair with anything in my closet, totally worth it!

Top: Cotton On | Leather Jacket: Forever21 | Pants: Uni Qlo | Heels: Primadonna | Bag: WTC

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