Sunday, August 4, 2013

Man of Steel

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Okay, I know my title is totally irrelevant to my outfit. And I'm so sorry for not thinking of a better one! I just can't think of a proper title about this outfit so let me just settle for the title of the movie we watched when I wore this.  HAHAHA.

So as you all know now, my sister and I watched Man of Steel when I wore this. (Yeah!! This was way back last June!! HAHAHA) Ever since mommy learned how to drive, it seems that we're going out every Saturday and just bond or date or whatever you may call it. But this Saturday was an exception since she went out with some of her friends and Jamie and I were left alone at SM Sta. Rosa to watch a movie. And maybe look up on some shoes and clothes at the department store! LOL

Since we'll be at SM, I wanted to be comfortable so I wore my sister's vans. It's best to dress up as comfortable as you can be when you'll be at the mall such as SM. There are tons of people and you have nothing else to do but walk and walk and walk - definitely not the best time to wear sky high heels and whatever fancy shoes you have.

Top: Forever21 | Shorts: Next Jeans | Sneakers: Vans

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  1. the shoes are cute! good thing though that you always go out during Saturdays so that you can bond with your family :)

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