Saturday, August 3, 2013


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Ahhh, finally. Some time to rest and blog after a very long and busy dayyyy! And Hooray to my 100th post!!! :DDDDDDD

Still remember how I told you that my camera's dead in this blog post? Well, since we stayed at The Linden Suites that weekend, and I haven't brought my camera's charger, I still have to settle with a digital camera the next day. Hence, the low quality photos - because I didn't know how to adjust the camera's settings + the lighting in the hotel wasn't that good and I didn't have time that day to take outfit shots outdoor! Lol

I'm growing in love with cropped tops lately (even though I wore this months ago already!) (So technically, its not lately HAHA!!), so this top is no exception. I even wanted the same cropped top with the word GEEK on it! Please give me one, pleaseeeeeee? :PP Anddd going back, since I'm already wearing a cropped top and I can't risk going out and let my tummy be seen by lots of people, I opted for this high-waisted jeans. I love this particular jeans since I've been wanting it like forever! So when topshop had their end-of-season-sale last summer, I didn't let the opportunity pass and got myself one! I got it on 50% off!! The jeans is really flattering and the color is too nice to not have one. Although the color is not really seen in the pictures :-( But I'll probably wear this pants again anytime soon then I'll let you see its true beauty! LOL

Top: Push Thru | Jeans: Topshop | Boots: Debenhams

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