Monday, July 29, 2013


Monday, July 29, 2013

Since I'm making up for lost time, I'm gonna blog while I still can. I don't have classes today anyway. :P

I remember how pissed I am this day because my camera's dead (take note, even the extra battery!) and I couldn't take my outfit shots! And my tita's DSLR was not with them so I have to settle with a digital camera. #firstworldproblem #lol #hashtag #beannoyed #bwhahaha! Ok, stopping now. 

And yet another tee and shorts combo. This shorts is super ultra mega cute! Would you believe that this shorts belong to my mom? HAHA! I'd love to have it to myself but it was my mom who was shopping when I saw this at forever21 and I was broke that moment so I just told her to buy it (I could wear it anyway :PP). Yep, we share clothes but I have to use a belt whenever I wear her shorts because she's fat. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA JOKE LANG!! A bit fatter than I am. Ok? Loveyou mommy :P 

I wore this to one of our bonding/chillax nights with my cousins. We stayed at The Linden Suites and had a Body Scrub and Full Body Massage. I wish we could do that every weekend. :P I went for a very casual look since we'll just be staying in the hotel room, but this counts as one of my favorite casual looks! :DD 

Top: Cotton On | Shorts: Mom's (Forever21) | Boots: Forever21 | Belt: Genevieve Gozum | Satchel: WTC

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