Monday, August 19, 2013

Simplicity is Beauty

Monday, August 19, 2013

Ooooh, I feel like I haven't blogged for 632897018942349237 years! Lol. I was so so so busy for the last few weeks that I can't manage to let blogging slip into my schedule. School is really making my head explode! Huuu. I'm just so glad that my hell week is finally over (although I still have ENG2 bugging my mind).

So anyway, let me start this post by saying that I've always believed in the saying that simplicity is beauty. Being simple shows the true beauty of a person. Other people are just pretty because of too much make up and wearing clothes that look like they ran out of fabric. LOL

So for today's look, I kept it simple and comfortable. You guys already know how much I love being in my comfiest state when I'm dressing up! And since this day was shopping day, I couldn't risk my feet complaining because of sky high heels. I also wore a dress since it is the easiest piece of clothing to take off when trying on clothes :DD *and I think I already said that before*

Brought with me my mom's longchamp bag. It goes well with my outfit and can fit in all my necessities!

Love how comfy and stylish this pair is!! <3 Solemate is really the right brand for my feet... and my wallet, or my mom's wallet in some cases!! =))

Dress: Crissa | Shoes: Solemate | Bag: Mom's ( Longchamp)

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  1. You're different from any other Engineering girls. :)


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