Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Just One Yesterday

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Yes, I'm wearing Lacoste. HAHA. If you know me so well, you would've known that I'm not a Lacoste fan, but my dad is! So there's this one time when we went to a Lacoste boutique, while my dad is browsing through the racks, a saleslady approached us and brought out this cute dress. And it was the first time I liked something from the brand, and I'm so glad my dad was willing to buy it for me!

*It was a coincidence that I was taking pictures in front of Lacoste!! LOL*

I wore this outfit when we went to ATC so my mom could practice her driving skills, and clapclap for my mom because we made it!! Yahooooo! All we did in ATC was eat in Krazy Garlik,then went home afterwards HAHAHAHAH! 

Ooopsie.. Could you see the bandaid on my arm? We got a flu vaccine before we went to ATC. HAHA! A few years back, I remember how nervous I get whenever we get shots. I'm a scaredy-cat hihi. But just so you know, I don't get that feeling anymore! :P

Yey! I finally got to wear this lovely boots again. <3 

Dress: Lacoste | Boots: Forever21 | Bag: WTC

There's no classes today and I'm so happy to have time to blog. My pending posts are already piling up! 

You might have been wondering about my title, if you haven't heard of Fall Out Boy's latest album. I've been listening to Save Rock and Roll for weeks already and I'm loving all their songs, especially Just One Yesterday. Try to listen to it! :D

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