Sunday, June 9, 2013


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Disneyland - this has got to be the most magical place I've ever known. Uhh, I miss Hongkong. I wish I could go back there this very minute, but I can't. HUHU. Anyway, here's my third ootd. We were in a hurry because we're nearly late for the mass (it's my dentist's fault, she's late. HAHA! loljk), and I didn't have time to think of what to wear so I just grabbed the first dress that caught my eye when I entered my dressing room, wore a belt and settled for a black doll shoes.

I didn't even mind putting on accessories because I only had 5 minutes to get dressed. HAHA! I'm just glad dresses such as this are made, they are total life savers!! =))

This is the first ever shoes that I bought for myself. HAHA, my parents won't buy me because it's a little pricey and I think I'd have enough that time so I just have to tell them that I'll pay for it. This pair is a really good buy! I have this for years now (i don't know how long but it is long), and it is still good as new!! When I was just starting collecting shoes, I remember how I have all my shoes in neutrals HAHA! That way, I'd have no problem matching my shoes with my outfits. It's really good to invest in those kinds of shoes ;)

I'm so proud to say that I had the most productive weekend ever! HAHA. We've done so many things since last Friday!! :D Making the most out of the remaining days before school starts, eh? Speaking of school, I'm going back to LB later. And I swear, I'm really not ready to go back to school yet!!!!!!! :((

Dress: Hongkong Disneyland | Shoes: Crocs

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