Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Yellow Mellow

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Once again, I'm so proud for being able to do these floral nails :"> Really perfect for summer! HAHA. I hope I could do more nail art designs before school starts! Aww, can't believe we're halfway through the month of May already. Time flies real fast. :( I still have so many things on my mind to do this summer but my laziness is really kicking in right now plus I'm not at home so.... HAHAHAHA

Anyway, here's what I wore when Mia and I went to Enchanted Kingdom a week ago. I made sure I'm comfortable with my outfit because knowing EK, you would have fun and be under the sun the whole afternoon so it's best to have the kind of clothing that would let you move freely.

I chose a simple yellow tank top, with one of my favorite prints - aztec, so I wouldn't feel hot for the day. Literally hot, not the sexy-sounding hot. HAHA okay I don't know if I'm really making sense right now. 

Wore my mommy's shorts. HAHA I was able to wear it first :P It really matches my shoes so I have to wear it!! =)) I went for our new Sanuk. By Our, I meant mine, my sister's, and my mom's. HAHA. It was really super comfy and very light though I have to change into sandals later that day because there are rides in EK wherein you'd get wet, but I swear that was the fun part!!

Here are some of our pictures. I really had fun. SO. MUCH .FUN. besides the super fun and thrilling rides such as Space Shuttle, EKstreme, Disk-o magic, and my personal favorite, Anchors Away, I was with one of my bestfriends whom I haven't seen and talked to for months. It is good to catch up with some old friends <3


  I really am a sucker for amusement parks, I hope there would be more here in the Philippines! HAHA. I hope I could travel the world and ride the highest and fastest roller coaster!!!!! Anyway, thanks again Mia Bugna! Loveyou!!!

Top: SM GTW | Shorts: Forever21 | Shoes: Sanuk | Sandals: Ipanema | Sunnies: Drop and Shop


  1. Ger! Your nails are awesome!! I hope I can do it on my nails <333


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