Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New Boots To Love

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hiii! Yey! I finally got an internet connection. I'm staying with my cousins here at Ortigas for the rest of the week so, YEHEY! 

I wore this outfit when we went to Festival Supermall to buy groceries. I was so excited to wear my new boots that the moment my mom bought it, I already thought of more or less 4 outfits to wear it with! Remember when I was saying that I didn't have yet a brown flat booties? Well, now I have one!! Aaaackkkkk! I'm really so happy!!!!!!

See? Yeeeeey. HAHAHA! This is definitely my favorite boots right now. Gotta wear them again REAL soon! :D I remeber how desperate I am to find the perfect brown flat boots that day, then ta-daaaa. Luckily, I saw this while helping mommy shop at Forever21. *giggles*

Okay, bye. I just wanted to share how happy I ammmmm!! HAHAHA. And I want to share one more thing though, I dared myself not to shop for the whole month of May, and so far so good! Although sometimes, I'm really tempted!!! Lol. HAHA I gotta save money for Bloggers United 5 on June 1! Yey. I AM SO EXCITED!! 

Tube: Forever21 | Vest: Next Jeans | Skorts: SM GTW | Boots: Forever21

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