Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ombre in Pink

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dressing up usually depends on the things you would do for the day, or events you need to attend to. In my case, I've gone for a laid back look since I've gone shopping at an ukay-ukay with one of my bestfriends, Ymagne a few weeks ago.

I went for an outfit I'm comfortable with. Non-other than the famous tee, shorts and sneaks combo. Just to keep things interesting, I wore prints and ombre shorts. HAHA! When shopping at ukay-ukays, you need to be really comfortable with your outfit because it might took you HOURS to find things to buy. As you could see, I wore a simple watch as an accessory. I don't want to have dangling bracelets and all other stuffs while I'm busy fitting. HAHA

Wore my ever trusted sneakers. ;) When shopping, you need to have the most comfortable shoes as well. I'm more comfortable wearing sneakers than doll shoes, so yeaaah! HAHA. In ukay-ukays or maybe in other shops as well, you must be patient in looking around to have the best items! I think I walked around the whole store three times before I decided which clothes I should get.

I'm used to walking around for hours so it wasn't that much of a tiring day. And I never get tired when I'm shopping!!! HAHAHAHA. It's fun to shop in thrift stores though. You'll get amazing pieces for cheaps! I think I'd shop there again any time soon.;)

Top: Uni Qlo | Shorts: SM GTW | Sneakers: DC

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