Friday, April 19, 2013

On The Go

Friday, April 19, 2013

Went for a very casual look this day since we were out all night to watch the prusisyon. Its one of the things done by Filipinos during holy week, in our case it was done on a Good Friday. I'm not that sure if they do it on other days HAHA.

Well anyway I dressed up comfortably so I can move around easily in the middle of the crowd. There surely are many people that night out on the streets!

Wore my very comfortable Toms. This really is the comfiest of all shoes! My feet never hurt when I wear this, even in long walks.

I didn't bring this bag out though. I just brought it but left it in the car. I can never be sure since there would be many people in there and this is a backpack. Someone might be sneaking in my bag while I was watching the prusisyon. Although it's holy week and people are supposed to be repenting of their sins, we can never tell. It's better to be cautious than to regret later! HAHA

Anyway, this day was such a blast! We went to SM Sta. Rosa since today is the start of the 3-day sale. And gosh, i'm so happy with my purchases! (I'm always happy when I'm shopping anyway LOL) I got myself another pair of keds. *giggles* Well actually my sister and I have the same shoe size now so I'm not the only one who'll be using it (or all of my shoes!!) HAHA It's nice when you have the same shoe size as your sister and your mother. All of their shoes are yours as well :P 'Kay, I won't mention everything I bought, just watch out for my next blog posts! ;) 

I also got new books! 'Cause instead of sleeping and eating all summer, I realize I could just read and read and read all day long. I love reading anyway. Any suggestions for more good books?;)

Top: Artwork | Shorts: SM GTW | Shoes: TOMS | Bag: Secosana | Sunnies: Ray-Ban | Hat: Human

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