Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hello Mayon!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

 Well, as I've stated in my previous post, we went to Bicol in the last week of March. It's my dad's hometown and I've never been there in years so it's good to be there once in a while. Besides, the province feel is just so good. ;) We stayed at my grandmother's house where you can see Mayon Volcano when you go outside.

Well well well, I've got the perfect view of Mayon Volcano in this spot. Unfortunately, there are many people at my back! Shoo photobombers! HAHAHAHA Ahhh, I just have to say, I can stare at this beautiful view all day.

I feel kind of toursist-y in my get-up! I know it will be too hot that day and we'd be staying under the sun so I made sure to dress up appropriately. Sleeveless and shorts - my most common pieces this summer! HAHA

Well I really feel comfortable walking with this boots on so I used it to build this outfit. Matching gray shorts and pink-gray striped tank. I just added this denim vest to add more details in the outfit. HAHA. Brought my hat with me because it was really really REALLY scorching hot that day!

BTW, I've been to ukay-ukay a while ago with one of my bestfriends, Ymagne. And woooow, I absolutely bought fab finds that only costs a hundred each! It's just so amazing. I think I'd love to shop in ukays again!! It's cheap but the clothes are still nice. You just have to be good and patient in choosing clothes! HAHA just pay extra attention with stains and slight damages!

Tank Top: Forever21 | Denim Vest: Esprit | Shorts: SM GTW | Boots: Sorel | Hat: Human

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