Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Modern Safari

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boots, shorts and vest - HAHA, when I see this kind of pieces together, the first thing that enters my mind is Safari (maybe because I have my own version of safari on my mind!). Except that it is extra girly since they're all pink and florals and fringes. HAHA, modernized look!!

I wore this when we went to Bicol. Gaaaah, it took us 15 looooooong hours to get there! My butt aches after that. Lol. We went by land that is why it took us more than half a day. I blame the heavy traffic in Quezon! HAHAHA just kidding!

I wish I could have this shades!! It's my dad's, actually. But I really love Ray-Ban aviators, so I borrowed his' for my outfit shots! 

I love this Dr Martens-inspired booties. But this was way a lot cheaper than the original Dr Martens. I won't buy (my mom and dad won't buy me either) a shoes that expensive. I'm not really sure how much it costs, but I know that it really is expensive. LOL. And besides why do you need those when you can have almost the same shoes for only 799? :> When I saw this at SM Department Store, I was shocked and I knew I really need to have one! HAHA 

Top: Forever21 | Vest: Jellybean | Shorts: SM GTW | Belt: Kashieca | Boots: SM Department Store | Sunnies: Ray-Ban

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