Monday, April 22, 2013

Into The Wild

Monday, April 22, 2013

Here's what I wore when we went home from our Bicol trip. It's another 12 hours drive. Wooo 

Gold and black is one of a no-fail combination. It looks elegant at all times. When I saw this shorts when we were shopping, I immediately grabbed it, I really love the details plus the colors are too good!! Anyway, I just paired it with a simple black tie-knot top. I got this on 50% off and it has lace details although its not that visible in these pictures.

I went for simple gold accessories to finish this outfit. Gold necklace + gold spikes. Girly and Edgy at the same time :>

Posting this early because I didn't have the chance to blog yesterday. Yesterday was such a blast!! I had so much fun although I was so tired. It was all worth it!! Anyway, my Sunday went like this:
  • We had our outing at Pansol. It was so fun to bond with my dormmates together with our families. We (Ymagne, Arianne, Bles, Regina) were swimming until 3am (I think).
  • We (Ymagne, Arianne and I - with my family) went home at 5 am and I slept at 6 am then we woke up 8:30 am (huhu for my 2 and a half hour sleep)
  • We went to Golden City to surprise our friend Chamie for her 18th birthday on the 23rd. This was the super fun part. I can't contain my happiness when I'm with my HS friends!! <3
  • We went to Regina's house and played Just Dance until we were all sweating from the heat and from all the dancing! LOL Daen was really decided to beat me and he's the one dancing (almost) all of the time. HAHAHAHAHA
  • Then I went home around 5:30 pm then I slept. I dove right into my bed the moment I got home. Then I woke up 6:30 am. (Yey for my more than 12 hours sleep)
  • And here I am blogging right now. HAHA
  • Well that's all thank you :)

Top: SM GTW | Shorts: Forever21 | Boots: Payless

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