Saturday, February 23, 2013

Carefree Sunday

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Donut buns, tee and comfy brogues on a Sunday? HAHA. Yeah I know, this is sooo not me. This is the first time in a very long time that I've dressed down on a Sunday. I consider Sundays as my time to... uhm... shine. LOLJK. HAHAHA I just like dressing up on Sundays because it's like the time to wear all my nice clothes which are not appropriate for school.

These brogues are really nice. They are so comfortable and very affordable!! The material used is just like the ones used in my favorite brand of doll shoes, solemate. It is very soft and the color is really pleasing to the eyes. <3

This was an absolutely carefree and simple outfit. I love how my top perfectly matched the color of my shoes. This tee was actually one of my favorites. And this shade is becoming one of my favorite colors as well! HAHA

Which is which? With sunnies or without sunnies? HAHA. This outfit is really simple so I decided to keep it simple by wearing simple accessories - sunnies! (Yeah, I used "simple" three times in a sentence HAHA, forgive me). Ahhh, perfect for summer. HAHA. And speaking of summer, time passes by so fast that I can already feel summer around the corner. Yey, just a couple of weeks left and I could finally give summer a very warm welcome!

Tee: SM GTW | Shorts: BNY | Brogues: Kicks | Sunnies: Payless

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