Sunday, January 13, 2013

Studded Galaxy

Sunday, January 13, 2013

We attended my cousin's birthday celebration when I wore this. I went for an all black ensemble since we were to play the LAZERXTREME. And when I researched about it, it is stated that it is recommended to wear dark outfits.

This look would be dull if it weren't for the galaxy prints on my top. I think I am starting to love galaxy prints even though it is so last season. HAHA One way to look more feminine in a button down is by tying a knot on the ends of the polo.

I just went for this studded and really comfortable flats. We will play LAZERXTREME and of course, I would need comfortable flats so I could run/walk fast enough! I only got the 3rd rank out of 9 players though. But I totally enjoyed it since it was my first time! HAHA

Button down: BU4 | Shorts: Next Jeans | Flats: Parisian | Bag: WTC

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