Friday, November 30, 2012

Flower in the Green

Friday, November 30, 2012

It is December yet I feel summer in Mt. Malarayat Golf and Country Club. It's a long weekend (Nov. 30 - Dec. 2) so my family and I went to Lipa Batangas and spent a very relaxing and stress-free getaway.

I knew that it would be a summer-like vacation so I wore clothes that scream "Summer!". Floral dress and sandals combo won't be out of style so my mind made up to wear something as such.

I am wearing my favorite sandals again! Told you, it was my favorite. I could wear it with any clothes! LOL

Since the dress is a tube, I felt bare along my collar bone so I decided to put on a floral necklace, and then I wore bracelets according to the colors of my dress, wore a hat and I'm good to go.

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Dress: Forever21 | Sandals: Payless | Hat: Landmark
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