Monday, December 10, 2012


Monday, December 10, 2012

This is what I wore when we went to Enchanted Kingdom. I have to tell you, my sister and I had a blast! HAHA although there are so many people during that time, I really enjoyed the day. Well who would not enjoy a day in an amusement park, right?

I went for something comfy since I expected to be under the heat of the sun and around many people. I wore something that I could move easily with. Shorts, tank top, polo - what an effortless combo, but still you would look chic with ombre, florals, and checkers!

I wore these sneakers (which I got for only 375 at Terranova - such a steal!) and didn't wear any accessories. My outfit today is just so laid back - because as I have said, I wanted something comfortable.

Floral top: Whoops | Checkered polo: Jag | Ombre shorts: Next Jeans | Belt: SM Accessories | Sneakers: Terranova
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