Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Day

Friday, December 28, 2012

I'm being crazy over aztecs for the past few days, isn't it obvious? HAHAHA!! I just can't get over it. I mean it easily catches my attention every time I see designs as such.

What I wore on Christmas day: A simple dress and sparkly heels. Another obsession of mine is anything sparkly! Lol.

I chose to wear something simple, but with lovely details, on Christmas day. And this dress is really perfect. I like the details of this dress - especially how it is showy but not really daring. It is just enough to show some of my skin and not to look so much conservative. Balanced, right?

I really love this heels. First of all, because it is sparkly and because it is really comfortable! Anything glittery or sparkly really makes an outfit stand out! Haha

Of course I have to change into flats because we will be roaming around for hours in the malls and I won't enjoy myself by wearing heels even though I felt comfortable in it. People will just stare at me, and I won't be comfortable with that! HAHA. Look at my flats, they are sparkly again. I told you I love anything sparkly. :D

We went to ATC and spent the Christmas day there together with my cousins. We were supposed to watch a movie (Sisterakas) but then, all the tickets were sold out!! So we just went window shopping and ate a lot of foods. HAHA. We then went to Greenbelt because I am finding a particular shoes in Zara, and unfortunately for me, they were out of stocks already. :(( 

We dropped by Crimson Hotel later on then headed straight home.

Dress: Candie's | Heels: Forever21 | Flats: Solemate | Bag: WTC

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