Saturday, December 22, 2012

BU4 and Everything Nice

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Here's another shopping outfit! Non-other than a tee and shorts ensemble plus a very comfortable flats! This is what I wore when I went to Bloggers United 4. I opted for a comfortable outfit because I know that there'll be a lot of people and I want to move very fast to get the best items.

This outfit is a no-brainer. Anyone could easily pull this off. You just need to get the right prints and the right color combination and you're good to go! Piece of cake HAHAHAHAHA

I used this small bag just to hold the necessities such as phone, camera and wallet - of course! I placed everything I bought in an eco bag I got from the World Trade Center.

Tee: SM GTW | Shorts: SM GTW | Shoes: Draven | Satchel: WTC

Now, on to my day: Here's what we did. We shopped until we drop in Bloggers United, then went straight to Makati.

Czarlemagne, my friend, and I had a blast at Bloggers United 4. We bought a lot of clothes and shoes and bags at a very low price! What I mean a lot is about 17 pieces of clothes and a pair of shoes - and I only spent 3,500-4,000 I think! It really is worth it to go to BU4. I'm now excited for BU5. LOL. Here's a sneak peek of what I've got at Bloggers United 4.

I got most of the items from Kryz Uy's for only 100-400 each! Definitely a steal! HAHA. I also got some satchels from the bazaar where the BU4 was held.

Look how cool the aztec prints are! Totally love them <3

After a very long morning at World Trade Center, my mom, Ymagne, and I went to SM Makati to have lunch and to buy my Keds, Sperry, and iPhone5 (yeah, my parents are the best!!)

Here is my Keds and my first ever Sperry Top-Sider (I've been eager to have this for months now!!)

And finally, the thing that made this day very special and tragic because we've been to SM Makati and Greenbelt, back and forth, and found out that it is already OUT OF STOCK! Luckily, we still have glorietta! Though it is already in critical stock when we got there. Fortunately, I got one before it run out of stocks -also. HAHA.

AHHHHH. I want to scream! My very own iPhone5. I can't believe I already have one for myself. I've been wanting this since the day I have heard of it. Good thing is, Globe offers the Reset Contract Program and I got to reset my plan and be one of the first to have their hands on the iPhone5. I really love apple! They offer so luxurious and wonderful gadgets of all time.

Here are some of our pictures:

Excuse our faces! HAHA.
Good night, xx
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