Sunday, December 23, 2012

Smart Casual

Sunday, December 23, 2012

I wore this to an event to cheer my high school friend Kim, for their activity at APC. He said that we should wear something "smart casual", hence the title. 

The first thing that entered my mind were blazers. Then I started from there. Wore a plain black tank top then paired it with this blazer I got from WAGW. You should check out their site, they offer so much fab and chic pieces! I should have worn shorts except that I will be going to a school and I thought that wearing shorts might be inappropriate so I opted for this floral pants to brighten up my outfit and so that I won't look too much plain! HAHA

I hate wearing pants, because it looks so simple and odd (and it is hard to think of a nice outfit by just wearing a simple maong pants) but I am starting to love them again because of the printed/colored denims! Wearing jeans is unavoidable and one way in which you would look very chic (effortlessly) is with this kind of pieces. I should be stacking my closet with a whole bunch of them. HAHAHAHHA

I wore a necklace to add colors to my outfit. It actually gave life to my outfit! I like it when simple pieces make a great impact to your look (just like wearing a necklace). HAHA

Wore flats because I know that we would do a lot of walking and we don't have our own car, so we rode buses and jeepneys! HAHA. I chose a green-colored flats so it would match my pants. I love this color btw, and it is really so affordable! I got them for only 200 (2 for 399) at SM Department Store.

What do you think about my Smart Casual look? :>

Tank top: Jag | Blazer: WAGW | Floral Jeans: SM GTW | Flats: Solemate | Bag: WTC
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