Saturday, December 19, 2015

Korea Trip Day 2

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Hooray! It was Christmas day, December 25, 2014. Almost a year has already passed but I feel like I still have that feeling of thrill and excitement, because how else is it more fun to spend Christmas day outside the country? Nothing beats an amusement park with the family! Well actually, nothing ever really beats moments spent with family. ;) 

*This post contains soooo many pictures because I really can't choose a few best. So forgive me if it would take a while to load the post*

We started this day with a breakfast buffet (yes the hotel buffet was so good, too bad I don't have photos because maybe I was already too busy eating! But here's a selfie, HAHAHA) Before heading to Lotte Adventure World, we dropped by the Myeong-Dong Cathedral to attend mass, it's Christmas Day after all. 

Seems daddy proves how cold it really is, eh? HAHA. 

Whenever we travel, walking for miles would always be on the list. We prefer it that way, it saves you money instead of getting a cab, plus, you get to see more of the place and live like a local. You'll never know when you might pass by a very nice place to eat or some hidden scenery along the way. But just a tip, research well if you don't want to be lost or if you have a specific tourist spot you want to visit. It saves you time instead of looking for it on the spot. We're really glad daddy familiarizes himself with directions in everywhere we go. We really seldom get lost. It seems he lives in wherever place we travel. 

Aaaand of course, what's travelling if you don't get to ride the trains? This is our favorite mode of transportation whenever we're outside the country, because it's so efficient, and easy to understand and easy to switch lanes, you can basically go everywhere just by looking at their transit map.

We're here! Yey!! But behold, the sea of people. We actually just rode 3 attractions because of the intense queue. It feels like we're in line for almost 4 hours to ride so we just enjoyed the view and the place. My sister and I are sucker for theme parks, and roller coasters. So we just rode the extreme ones. Hope we could go back and ride all of the other rides! Hahaha.

Candiieeees!! It's so cute. And candy land. I don't know if it is actually called as such, but it looks like it to me. HAHAHA

And that caps it off. We just walked (again) along streets of Myeong-dong when we got back to the hotel. It was a really really fun and freezing and amazing Christmas. <3 Watch out for our Day 3!! ;)

Heattech, Gloves: Uni Qlo | Polo, Leather Jacket: Forever21 | Cropped Sweater: Stradivarius | Jeans: Candies | Boots: Payless | Bag: Bershka | Scarf: From Arianne

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