Tuesday, July 28, 2015

On Wakeboarding

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

It's always been a habit to have an IG post on almost everything I venture on. And while thinking of a picture to post for today's wakeboarding activity, I've already thought of numerous captions I can use. And since I can't do that on IG, I'm gonna post everything here. 

1. "It's during those times you fall when you learn the most." -- it might seem easy when you're just watching someone, but when you're already on it, you might be really shocked as to how not easy it is to ride. I've been wakeboarding since 2012, but not on a constant note. Once every 6 months, I think? I'm busy with the school stuff too. But every break, I see to it I ride even just once. Lol. And of course, almost everyone who tries fall the first time. And when you fall, it's those times when you learn. Because you'll be more familiar as to how it should be.
2. "It's when you feel numb and pain that you know you had so much fun." -- my fingers were full of blisters everytime I ride. You have to hold on tight to the handle so you won't fall (duh). My body aches too. It's not so easy, as I've told you. But you know how that pain is all worth it? It's because you had fun. And you enjoyed every minute of it. As the saying goes, no pain, no gain.
3. "You have to keep standing and holding until the end, or you'll be walking a long way to start over again." -- when you're riding in the advanced area, there are a lot of turns and ramps that you need to overcome to complete a lap. And you won't be able to bypass those if you still haven't gotten the hang of the right stance and control over your board. And of course just the right amount of force and posture so you won't fall off. Once you fell in the middle, it would be a long swim to get to the gutter, and a long walk to the starting area. So you better do your best!

4. "It's having the sense of control over yourself that makes it much more enjoyable." -- i like having control. Because who doesn't? I'd rather much rely on myself than anyone so whenever something goes wrong, I have no one to blame but me. (But don't get me wrong, I trust people too and I'm not a control freak! LOL) Wakeboarding gives you that. You'll be in charge with yourself. Of course, the people there would give you tips on how to do it but when you get there, it'll just be you. And I like how I managed to turn for the first time. I love it whenever I ride in pro and do 5 laps straight. I love how the air and water touches my face when the speed hastens. I love how my heart races everytime I get pulled into the water. I love how the waves crash through my board and I still manage to get a hold of myself. I love how free I feel whenever I ride. 
5. "It's the beginning when it's the hardest." -- feeling the tension in the string when you're being pulled into the water is the hardest for me - so I'd say it's always the start. Lol. Once you're standing on your feet on water, it's much easier to control. But the shift from land to water can be really quite challenging. But don't stop there or you'll be missing a lot!
6. "Don't be afraid to fall, but each time you do, learn how to stand back up." -- it can really get frustrating at first. How you can see everyone do it easy breezy and you can't maintain your balance even for just 10 seconds. We were like that when we first tried wakeboarding. We were in the beginner's area and we wasted half an hour trying and trying and failing miserably. We couldn't even get the right stance and we were always pulling back the handle. But well, we've got an hour and we still tried and tried until we did it. We reached the other end! We got the turn on our second visit though. But still, it took us a lot of time to get that! And when I first tried to ride in the advanced area, I was really ashamed because everyone who rides there are all pros. Meanwhile, the farthest I can go was inches away from the starting ramp. And I always fall head first until my nose is filled with water (yep it hurts hahaha). Then I have to fall long in line again until I get my turn and just fall off, again! The first time I made it far from the starting point, I got on a ramp, unintentionally! I wasn't able to control my board so I went up and fell. Hard. I got bruises and scar on my elbows and shoulders. But I didn't stop trying until I got it. I've liked it so much that everytime I fall off the board, I wanted to learn more on how to do it right. The people there would give you tips and help you but really, you gotta help yourself too. And yes, it's so much easier when you put your heart and mind into it. And not just wakeboarding, pretty much everything too! So just don't be afraid, because everyone have been there. Try and try and soon enough, you'll see the real fun!
7. "Have faith in yourself, you can do it!" --keeping this mantra everytime I ride and at almost everything I do. There's nothing more powerful than believing in yourself. 
My ride today was the best one so far. I've managed not to fall off the starting ramp in the advanced area today. And I've done almost around 20 laps. Yes I didn't know how I did that too!!! I already gave up because my hands were burning because of the blisters. Hahaha! But nonetheless, it's always a good time! :D 

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