Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Appreciation is the Key

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Let's all take a minute or two to appreciate the beauty that our creator has laid out for us. It never fails to amaze me every hour of everyday when the sun takes its first peek and just before it bids goodbye. I call it the golden hour! Sometimes just staring above will make me feel like I'm floating on air. I know that these pictures are not enough to show how pretty the sky gets every sunset and sunrise - how every minute it changes its color, from dark to light and vice versa. There are certain things that are really not just enough to be captured by the camera because you'll appreciate it a thousand times more if it's captured by your very own eyes and hearts. I don't know when I started appreciating the sky but every time I look at it now, I feel nothing but serenity, peace and calm. It just gives me more reasons to be thankful that I get to live another day in this world and experience and witness all the beauty that comes with it.

But we all know that life's not always that beautiful. Because there are also challenges and obstacles that may come along the way (just like the typhoon which just recently landed in the Philippines). You'll get hurt and have your heart broken. There'll be moments when you just want to give up because giving up would be the only way to ease the pain. But pain is what makes us stronger, pain is what makes us more human, and sometimes experiencing pain is God's way of saying that "I have something greater planned for you". Nobody wants to experience pain, but sometimes, we actually kind of need it. Because we need a slap in the face and know better that there are grater things right in front of us and we need to see it. There's no such thing as a perfect life, not everything we want is what's meant for us. Not everything that makes us happy is what is right for us. But we need to keep in mind that happiness is a choice - don't let it depend on material things or the people around you. It's up to you to choose happiness over pain. Choose to be positive than to confine yourself in sadness and tears.

Just look at the brighter side of everything. There are a million possibilities ahead of us, you'll just have to take a step and explore what's in it for you. Bad experiences are there for a reason. It is life's way to test you and teach you. The thing that matters is how you'll act upon this experience. It won't be the end of the world, it might even be the beginning of a better life for you. Appreciate how it all landed into your life and accept what is given to you. Acceptance is the easy way to let go of everything you're feeling. It won't be easy, give yourself some time. And if you need help, just look high above, He will always be there ;) Appreciate all the good and bad, because in the end, it is everything that we've gone through that shapes us to be a better person. 

P.S. I missed blogging! It's been a long time since I posted an outfit post. Might make one soon, keep posted ;)
P.P.S. Credits to Marlon de Vera for the pictures :)

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