Sunday, June 16, 2013

Grown Up

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sometimes, its hard to act like a grown up - to be the one to adjust, to understand, to give way and to make decisions against your will. But in most instances, one has to stand and be the "grown up" just to make everything okay. (Okay, wala akong pinaghuhugutan. Just bringing up something to talk about, hahahahaha!) I'm nearly 18, and most of the time, I still have to remind myself to act and think like a grown up. I feel immature and often act childish. I always let my emotions cloud my judgement, I'm stubborn and I don't foresee the consequences of my actions. It just seems that I'm not ready for the real world yet. *sigh*

Maybe by dressing up like a grown up, it could somehow help me think like a grown up. (Oh, I used the word "up" three times in a sentence.) (And yes, I know that what I just said doesn't make sense. Wala lang akong masabi, sorry AHAHAHAHAHA) 

So now, onto my outfit. When I wore this number and looked at the mirror, the first thought that entered mind was, "Ay, ang matured ko tingnan." And I somehow loved it. I rarely wear matured-looking clothes because I'm used to wearing girly and playful looks. But as I always say, it's not gonna hurt if you try new things once in a while. It's good to experiment and go beyond your comfort zone to discover and invent new looks that suits you.

This looks exactly the same as the shoes I've been dying to have from Zara last December 2012. We've been to every branch we could be just to find this particular pair and unfortunately, the stocks left are not in my size. I almost cried, just so you know! Haha. I found tons of online shops which sell the same design, but I'm too scared to buy shoes online because it might not fit me perfectly. So when I saw this pair in Kryz Uy's booth last BU5, I immediately grabbed it, fit it and paid for it - all mine in just 2 minutes (yeah, that's how fast things in BUs were. Lol) Up until now, I can't help but smile every time I try this pair on. It's so perf <3

Top: BU5 | Jeans: Von Dutch | Heels: BU5

Oh by the way, happy father's day to all dads out there, especially to my one and only. Happy father's day daddy!! Thank you for everything. I love you <3

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