Friday, May 10, 2013


Friday, May 10, 2013

Here's another church-appropriate outfit. As I've said in my previous blog posts, I usually go for skirt when attending mass, not the short skirt so I find it appropriate. Pants nowadays are making my legs irritated so I barely use them. HAHA

I'm wearing a corset that matched my skirt. And you know that I can't stand wearing a corset alone outside the house so I added this denim jacket. Corsets alone are not appropriate for church anyway. They're too revealing! Lol

I went for my favorite oxfords. Huhu I think they'll leave me soon :((

Here's my fail twirl shot. Ughh, when will I get you?! I'd really love to have the perfect twirl shot in a skater skirt. Huhu. Btw, I'm really loving skater skirts. I'd like to have them in all colors!! HAHA It's so girly and fun to dress up with. I think I won't stop wearing skater skirts any time soon. ;)

I did my aztec nails! Wuhooooooo! I'm so proud. :"> I'm getting addicted in doing nail arts! It's simply fun and exciting. HAHA 

HAHA awkward pose! I was supposed to show you my fingers but they can't be seen at this angle, but I decided to post it anyway HAHAHAHA

Corset: Divi | Jacket: Seventeen | Skirt: Bubbles | Oxfords: Cole Vintage

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