Monday, April 29, 2013

Red Soles

Monday, April 29, 2013

Isn't this pair gorgeous?! My aunt just gave them to me. This is my first pair of heels, as I can remember. This used to be my favorite, but when pumps came out of the blue, I had a change of heart. Loljk. HAHAHA. It's just that one of the pumps I bought are really nice, glittery and not to mention only 2 inches high. This is 4 inches high, although it doesn't look that high in these pictures. HAHA

It's a Sunday when I wore this, and it means that it's church day. So I opted to wear pants this time. Since I'm already wearing pants, and I have to fight the heat this summer, I wore a striped-sleeveless top. Actually, this is a bratop. It already comes with pads so you don't have to worry finding the perfect you know what when you're using this. HAHA

Just to keep things interesting, I added this denim vest with striped detail as well. And since I'm already in black and white, I decided to add red, which is a striking color for me, to add color and make my look lively. 

I haven't woren this watch in years! This has got to be my favorite watch. It's my mom's but I'm the one who frequently uses it and I'm the one who keeps it in my room HAHA. This watch is really nice, you can change the color of the colored-circle around it (you get me? HAHAHAH!!). So it's easy to match any outfit with this watch. I'll wear this anytime soon so you could see ;)

I didn't have the chance to take outfit shots outside so I took it inside our house, lol. 

(huhu I'm getting fat. Look at my arms *cries* lol, it must be the eating I'm doing all summer!)

Anyway, yesterday was really tiring!! I can't believe my feet gave up on me, not to mention I'm wearing flats the whole day!! HAHA it must be all the walking around MOA and ATC. I helped mom shop, and we looked around forever21 and SM Dept. Store for about 2-3 hours. Woooo haha, but hey I got what I wanted yesterday! I got a brown flat booties! Yeeeeey ;)) Thank you mommy! I know you're reading this :D

Bratop: Uni Qlo | Vest: Candie's | Pants: Forever21 | Heels: People Are People | Watch: Gucci

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