Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lacey Summer

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Oh wow. I think this is my very first blog post wherein I am wearing denim pants. I barely wear denim pants since I am short, whenever I wear them, it makes me look shorter so I usually pair it with heels-to add more height.

This wedge is really comfortable. I remembered when we went to Hongkong last year, I wore this specific pair and I survived the whole day of walking around Nathan road-where our hotel was located-without hurting my feet. 

I wore this when we went to Festival Supermall to buy groceries and to hear mass. Now you know why I wore pants! LOL I then added contrast to the look by wearing this green sling bag I got from our Bicol trip last march, and matched it with green bracelets. 

When I've worn this top to school, I got a lot of compliment. But this top really cost me about 200+ pesos only. I guess I must be lucky with sale. I got it on 50% off. :) When I saw it on the rack at the sm dept. store, the color caught my attention. Peach - perfect for summer! Then saw the price, ahhh that feeling. It's a win-win! That's why I love shopping during sale. But my (or my mom's) wallet suffers a lot though. :))

I'm on the bus right now and I'm so excited to watch Iron Man 3! We're on our way to Trinoma, yey!! Gonna watch with my HS friends <3

Pink Tank Top: Forever21 | Lace top: SM GTW | Denim Pants: Candie's | Wedge: Payless | Bag: From Bicol

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