Friday, January 8, 2016

Hello 2016

Friday, January 8, 2016

Hello 2016! Finally got the nerves to post in my blog again. Guess what my welcoming post for 2016 is -- Of course, a polka dot-ty outfit. LOL. I've been away for the past week (Can't wait to share my HK trip with you!) and there's really lot of plans made with friends for the remaining days of vacation so I'm happy to have squeezed in a blog post before I head out today. Gaaaah, I think I've never spent an entire day yet here at home. We've been so busy. 2016 is already kicking and I'm loving it! I'd rather live a busy life with lots of adventures, discovering new things and having things done than just staying in my room being unproductive the whole time. Though there is really nothing wrong with having some rest and chilling with your loved ones, but I'd prefer the former. I always wanna get on my feet and be at all places doing whatsoever with the important people in my life but of course, still come home at night with new stories to tell for everyone. There's still no place like home!! <3

Speaking of being at all places, what can you say about the place?? It's really breathtaking. Well it's kind of a hidden picture perfect spot around Nuvali, where you can take photos in peace because there'll be no photobombers and judgy eyes watching you. LOL. It's really serene and quiet and HOT! HAHAHA. So anyway, it's always been my formula that -- if you're wearing a tight shorts or skirt or jeans, pair it with a flowy top or sweater or an oversized shirt so it wouldn't look skimpy. In this case, I've gone again to my monochromatic side, which I really can't control anymore. I've been obsessing with all the black and white pieces from the stores or even from my closet, trying to reinvent looks that I've already worn before but only in a monochromatic tone. The color for 2016 is rose quartz and serenity blue, which is very cool and appealing to the eye, so I hope I could go and add some pop of color in my outfits this 2016. 

This is my favorite mandals among all the pair I own. It's really comfortable plus it gives you that additional height without being too "trying" (if you know what I mean). I happened to pass by it at a mall at Osaka Station during our Japan trip, and I can't get my hands of them so daddy finally decided to buy this pair. Yey!!

So much for that, I already had a lot of backlogs so I hope I could post the rest of my Korea trip and some of our Japan trip before school starts. and P.S. I'm posting raw photos for this post because I'm too lazy to postprocess. LOL. 

Top and Shorts: Forever21 | Mandals: Mikoa | Bag: Coach | Sunnies: Aldo

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